Cenex at LCV, 2016

The Cenex-LCV Event is pleased to be celebrating 10 years as the UK’s Premier Low Carbon Vehicle Event. Taking place at Millbrook Proving Ground, with over 3,100 attendees at this year’s event, Cenex-LCV2016 achieved a 10% total increase in visitor and exhibitor attendance compared with LCV2015; and an impressive 245% increase compared to the very first event in 2008 which had 897 attendees. With a steady growth of attendees, exhibitors and vehicles on display, the LCV Event has truly become the ‘must-attend’ event within the low carbon vehicle community.
  • Trade Exhibition
  • Cenex
  • LCV, 2016
  • Automotive
  • Weight Bearing Modular Floor
  • Large Format Print
  • Bespoke Reception Counter
  • Product Display


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