WMG at LCV2021, 22-23 September

LCV (the Low Carbon Vehicle) show showcases for the UKs capabilities, positioning the UK as a leader in LCV technology development and exploitation. It builds organisations’ awareness and confidence to adopt Zero Emission Vehicle technologies in vehicles and in fleet operations. Damn Good have had the privilege of being involved in the design, creation, build and management of client stands for the last 12 years. The WMG stand featured a 6m x 4m area, 40″ plasmas for video content, built in storage for marketing collateral, hospitality desk, product display, QR code generation platforms, and a bespoke (to scale) 2D cut-out foam core motorbike display with uplighting on an edged LED neon strip stand with customer engagement information tablet. The Williams E-bike will be used a number of times throughout the year – fitting nicely with our increasingly conscious core values #sustainability. Here at Damn Good we’re all for storing, recycling, reusing, and reconfiguring our client stands and materials. All made possible by the added benefit of having our very own 9720 ft² on-site production and storage warehouse facility.